Ridiculously Powerful SEO tools Every Business Owner Needs

Ridiculously Powerful SEO tools Every Business Owner Needs


Owning a business in this digital age means that it is essential for business owners to invest in the most fitting search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.Of course, you have the option of engaging the services of SEO managers or digital marketing consultants, but these can be costly. Fortunately, there are some excellent tools available to help you get started with SEO.

So… what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
SEO is a marketing tool that is centered on organically (non-paid) climbing up the ranks in the search engine results.SEO combines two aspects: technical and creativity to boost rankings, drive traffic and to gain more attention in search engines.
SEO has many facets, from the choice of words you put on your page to the approach other sites connect with you on the Internet.At times it could be as easy as ensuring that your website is arranged in a manner that can be understood by the search engines.
With so many options which one do you choose? Below I’ve featured the top 5 bold: free SEO tools for new businesses to help you acquire more knowledge on how to use SEO successfully for your business.

1) HubSpot SEO
What better way to start your business than to be more knowledgeable on the topic at hand? If you are looking for a place to deepen your knowledge of digital marketing and SEO strategies, HubSpot is a great marketing website for business owners. There is vast database filled with information, making it an ideal place to start learning. HubSpot SEO provides the metrics on web traffic, your competition’s details and strategies to tweak SEO to your advantage. There are free and paid versions that offer different features.

2) Google
Google’s search engine is widely used on the web among consumers. Therefore, there would be a significant impact on SEO strategies when there is a shift in its algorithm.
Google has created free tools that would allow you to compile, examine and determine data about your website.

  •  GoogleTrends – You can measure up keywords and evaluate how users are searching Google. It is convenient when you are analyzing your business against competitors or looking for accurate search terms for your business.
  • Google Analytics– This tool equips you with detailed data on your website’s consumer visits progress. It examines the page views, unique page views, how your users find your site.
  • Search Console: If you want your business to appear on Google, this is the tool that would help you. Google will also run a check on your site’s map to resolve any faults that you can amend and use data to reveal your site’s most outstanding products.
  • Pagespeed Insights: How do you ensure that your webpage stays relevant on search engines? This tool analyzes the speed of your webpage and will give tips that you can apply to enhance the loading speed on both desktops and mobile devices. It is vital to analyze your website’s loading speed because the speed of your website’s page can impact SEO.

3)  5minutesite
There are countless of SEO tools to select from when it boils down to keyword research.5minutesite may look slightly outdated but do not let this fool you, this tool is very impressive and useful for local businesses on their keyword search efforts.
To acquire a lineup of keyword ideas based on what your consumers are searching for in your region, just enter one or more keywords followed by applying countless of the region’s filters. Once you have compiled the keywords research, it is time to analyze your website.

4) BrowSEO On-Page SEO Tool 
One of the ways to analyze your website for opportunities to increase optimization is to view your website through the lens of Google’s search engine crawlers(robots). These robots do not see websites the way human eyes do. They depend on Image “alt text” to grasp an understanding. BrowSeo allows you to do that. To view your web pages as if you were a search engine bot, just type in the URL of your website. Once you can view the “alt text” you will know the types of information needed for your website that is considered valuable by these robots.

5) Varvy
Varvy is a terrific one-stop free tool that does various tests. Theyare split into four different sections: SEO, Speed, Performance, Mobile, and Tools. As soon as you use it, you get access to Google webmaster guideline to see if it has been met. On each area of optimization, you would obtain a link to an article that would serve an explanation on what each section is about.
I do propose that you use Varvy regularly to get recommendations on how to boost your SEO.
This article has introduced to you the best free SEO tools. There is no justification for you to not start applying it to expand your business’s SEO boosting your traffic, leads, and sales.

Get started right away!

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