HIjanah RJ



Hi, I'm Hijanah RJ, the owner of writegrid and a freelance writer for hire.

 I treat freelance writing as a business, and I help you maximize your time and decrease your stress levels.


I'm everything a freelance writer for hire is supposed to be and a few things they're not. For instance:

  • I am an experienced writer for 10+ years – as a ghostwriter, a blogger, and an academic writer.
  • I take deadlines very seriously and have excellent time management skills ensuring prompt delivery.

There are however traits that I possess which might be frown upon by business experts - these includes:

  •  I am a polymath and the subjects that I write on spans across a considerable number of different topics.
  • When I ghostwrite, there are no visible credits for the work I do. Hence, I can’t always provide social proof of my knowledge and experience.

Why choose me?

  • I provide for my clients stable, reliable and impeccable writing service.
  • I support small business owners, entrepreneurs, companies, individual bloggers and group blogs by creating eloquent, well researched and factual content.
  • If you want someone who will accomplish getting the job done with the least amount of fuss, who will deliver the job promptly with minimum supervision.
    I can help.

Fun facts about me:

  1. I’m a word geek who is obsessive about anything related to linguistics. I am fascinated with almost everything and love discovering new things. Therefore I am rarely bored.
  2. During my spare time, I revel in writing creative fiction and poetry.
  3. I started training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and is very humbled every time I get on the mat and fail.
  4. I was an educator and taught fine arts and design.
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